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Get Involved with #MyLASexEd

#MyLASexEd engages young change-makers, inspires action, increases public awareness of the importance of sex education, strengthens support for medically-accurate sex education, and advocates for policies promoting medically-accurate sex education on local and state levels while challenging abstinence-only policies.

Student storyteller holdng their #MyLASexEd story
Map of where the campus ambassadors are located in Louisiana

2.  Connect Your Campus Ambassadors 

Bring #MyLASexEd to your campus by volunteering with our state-wide campaign. Along with #MyLASexEd ambassadors, volunteers host events, collect stories, and spread the word about the campaign. #MyLASexEd ambassadors are located on campuses across Louisiana. Reach out to your campus ambassador, fill out this form, or message @MyLASexEd on social media to learn more about volunteering and check out our organizing toolkit.

3. Advocate G Change 

Call your legislators to voice support for the use of the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavioral Survey in public schools.


Use the Louisiana State Legislature website to find your legislator's contact information or call: 

(225) 342-6945 for the LA State House of Representatives

(225) 342-2040 for the LA State Senate


Legislators listen when their constituents meet with them at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Advocates with the #MyLASexEd campaign will receive training to best engage in direct advocacy with legislators to repeal current sex education laws and advance new

pro-sex education legislation.

Without this critical information e cannot assess how our programs are working to combat these issues. Louisiana i one of the worst states when it comes of STDs, STIs, uninteded pregnancies and sexual violence and abuse. In order to correct these statistics we must have the data to understand how youth in Louisiana are interacting with these behaviors.
Student storyteller holding their #MyLASexEd story
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