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#MyLASexEd Campaign History

The #MyLASexEd campaign captures stories from Louisiana students to educate decision-makers about the importance of providing young people with the information they need in order to have safe and healthy relationships. #MyLASexEd was originally conceived and developed as a social media campaign by the Louisiana Youth for Truth council in partnership with Advocates for Youth and the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies. In 2017, the council launched a social media campaign to highlight the experiences of Louisiana youth with sex education—the bad and the good, the hurtful and the empowering.


#MyLASexEd lives on as an organizing and storytelling tool through the Feminist Majority Foundation's Feminist Campus program in partnership with Lift Louisiana. Current advocacy tools and student stories are featured on the website and @MyLASexEd on social media. #MyLASexEd engages young change-makers, inspires action, increases public awareness of the importance of sex education and strengthens support for medically-accurate sex education, and advocates for policies promoting medically-accurate sex education on local and state levels while challenging abstinence-only policies.

Group picture of students from Life Louisana's #MyLASexEd campaign
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