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The #MyLASexEd campaign captures stories from Louisiana students to educate decision-makers about the importance of providing young people with the information they need in order to have safe and healthy relationships.

Help advocate for medically accurate sex ed in our schools and share your story of what you learned 

(or didn't learn)

in Louisiana public school sex education.

Sex Education in Louisiana:

  • Is not legally mandated,

  • Bans teaching about contraceptives,

  • Does not require STI or HIV education, and

  • Prohibits the CDC from asking students about their sexual health behaviors.

Follow us at @MyLASexEd or email your stories to
Student story: #MyLASexEd taught me nothing. I had health that was  joke and never taught us anything. The only thing I learnedabout sex was from movies and classmates who had sex already.
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